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Social Media Management Services for Bakeries & Pastry Shops

What are the main benefits of social media for your bakery?

The main benefit is that you can now contact thousands of people that you never could before. You can also have your customers do your marketing for you as Facebook fans and Twitter followers share their experiences with you and your business. Social media lets you reveal more of your business and what you can offer the people who are listening.

The first step in developing an effective Social Media strategy is to evaluate your current business objectives and establish a reasonable set of campaign goals. There are a variety of Social Media applications out there, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. When properly utilized, they can build your brand and increase your profits better than any other marketing activities.

In general, it’s tough to thrive as a small, local bakery. The competition is both multi-faceted and fierce, you need a top marketing plan for a bakery to succeed.

Not only do you compete with other retail bakeries, but you also compete with large grocery chains who’ve increased their focus on providing fresh baked goods in the store. This is in addition to the commercial bakeries with huge distribution networks that pull in most of the profits for this industry.

Consumers today have hundreds of options for virtually every need in their lives, including food. You know your baked goods are palate pleasers, but how can you convince people who have never been to your bakery of that?

The best way is to start advertising where your customers already are: the Social Media. In today’s connected world, Social Media applications have played an ever increasing role in the success of marketing efforts for bakeries of all shapes and sizes. Social Media outlets can be extremely useful in acquiring new customers, engage with existing ones, developing brand loyalty, communicating with vendors and more.

Some bakeries are now using social media to grow profits. Others are struggling to navigate the jungle and are making mistakes along the way. We can help you become part of the first group and take your bakery to the next level.

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Utilizing a strong social media presence is a key piece to business growth in 2018. Our strategists are on hand to go through your current marketing strategies and come up with an actional, measurable social media plan. Still not convinced? Try our 14 Day No Obligation Free Trial!