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Social Media Management Services for Florists

What are the main benefits of social media management services for your flower shop?

It is hard to remember a time without social media, yet just 10 years ago there was no Facebook or Twitter and Instagram was unheard of. How times have changed, with today’s florists able to use social media sites to reach a massive audience. All free to join, these networks present a fantastic opportunity by engaging us with a wide, information hungry audience. But the very size and scale of these platforms can cause confusion for those new to social media.

Online flower purchases are increasing every year. This makes having a great social media marketing strategy more important than ever for any florist.

How do people decide where they are going to buy flowers? Studies show that four out of five people use social media sites to check customer reviews before choosing a florist. That means your floral businesses social media sites are one of the most important assets you have. A negative image on social media sites can cost your business thousands of dollars in potential revenue each month.

As a florist you need to be on Instagram. This is a no-brainer. Flowers are such a visually arresting product and both of these channels are primarily visual. So they really allow you to display your merchandise.

Besides being the right medium, the demographics are also perfect. Between 70 – 80% of all flower purchases are made by women who are the majority of Instagram users. The best way to get started is to get inspiration from some of the best floral Instagram pages on the web.

Your social media profiles are a vital piece to the Floral Business Marketing puzzle. When a social media marketing plan is created perfectly and executed flawlessly, it will transform your social media profiles into a cohesive marketing system which will consistently develop new leads and get you new customers.

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Utilizing a strong social media presence is a key piece to business growth in 2018. Our strategists are on hand to go through your current marketing strategies and come up with an actional, measurable social media plan. Still not convinced? Try our 14 Day No Obligation Free Trial!