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Social Media Management Services for Restaurants & Fast Food

What are the main benefits of social media management services for your restaurant?

You are missing out! Social media marketing for restaurants should be a huge part of your marketing strategy. Not only are your competitors already on social media, so are your most important people – your customers.  Everyone, from every walk of life, is on social media these days. And you’re missing out on a ton of free publicity by not having your place of business on social media.

Being on social media gives your restaurant a chance to interact with your customers and keep your business on the front of their minds when they aren’t even there.  By having a platform on social media, you give your customers the ability to leave reviews and comment, share photos of special events in their life and mentioning your establishment as a place to celebrate.

Simply put, social media marketing for restaurants is the digital version of what you already do every day – talk and communicate with your customers.


Facebook is the big one.  It has the largest and most diverse audience of any platform out there.

Aside from its huge audience base, Facebook also gives you the most options for interaction. Customers can leave a review on your page, check-in that they were at your location using their smartphone, view your menu or visit your website, upload photos to your page, tag your business in those photos, and reach out to you through messenger with questions.


Facebook may be the big player in the game but as a restaurant, it is a HUGE mistake to overlook Instagram.  The platform is entirely photo-based, and did you know that food photos are consistently ranked as one of the highest trends on their platform?

The basis of Instagram is to take photos and post them for people to see.  People use tags, basically search terms with a # symbol in front called a hashtag, to sort and categorize their photos. They can search for specific tags to make your content easier to find.

They can even use the GPS function on your phone to track the physical location of where your photo was taken using Instagram Places.  Someone posts a picture of their friend and family celebrating their birthday at your restaurant and like magic their photo is automatically tagged at your location.

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